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Welcome to our online hub for all things worship-related! Here you will find our most recent live-streamed worship service, as well as links to many worship resources. We pray these resources will help you learn more about your Savior's love and grow in your faith!

Everyone wants to be a winner.
Do people see you as a winner? Do you see yourself as a winner?

The God of victory wants you to know that you are victorious! It's true! God looks at you and sees a winner because Jesus died for you and rose back to life for you. Jesus is the ultimate winner, victorious over all evil–even death! And if you're connected to Jesus, you are a winner, too.

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During Lent, our recent Wednesday night worship series walked us through the hymn “God Was There on Calvary,” written by former Atonement pastor, Rev. Kurt Eggert. Each week we considered the gracious theology contained in one of the verses of the hymn. Watch some of those services or sermons, and may you be filled with awe as you reflect on what it means that GOD was there on that cross!

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What do I need a pastor for? I have Jesus, after all—can’t I just follow him? A pastor is a shepherd, charged with leading God’s flock. More accurately, we could call him an “under-shepherd,” working for the Good Shepherd. Does God’s flock need a shepherd? What can God’s sheep expect from their shepherd? What can he expect from us? Atonement was recently blessed to install a new full-time pastor-shepherd, Pastor Tom Kock. May we see more clearly the many blessings God gives us through our pastor! (Recorded Sunday, January 23, 2022)

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