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Welcome to our online hub for all things worship-related! Here you will find our most recent live-streamed worship service, as well as links to many worship resources. We pray these resources will help you learn more about your Savior's love and grow in your faith!

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Bible Study - 10:15am

What exactly do you want in a church?

Would you focus on size? Style? Certain desirable programs? During this series, our Scripture readings and sermon messages will help us refocus on a better question.

Scripture says Jesus bought the Church with his blood. So, the right question is: What does God want in a church? No matter what a church may offer, if that church is not doing what Christ wants it do, then it really is not a spiritually healthy place to be. So, let us think about the church God wants. What does it look like? What are its priorities?

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Why does our church exist? What is its purpose? What is my purpose as part of a Christian church? What is the mission of Christian churches? What is my mission?

These are all excellent questions! Join us in person or online for our study of the mission of the Church to (re)discover what the God says about these questions!

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Why does Easter matter?
Easter matters because death is a horrible reality, and we need an answer to it. While there are all sorts of things which bring struggle to life, the one which overshadows them all is the reality of death. Death forces us to deal with the reality of our sinfulness, our mortality, the fact that we deserve God’s judgment. We need an answer to death…

Easter is God’s answer!
Jesus died to pay for the sins of us humans. On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead. He restored your relationship with God, and defeated death’s power! For those who believe in Jesus, death now becomes the entrance to glorious eternal life in heaven. Easter proves it, so Easter makes all the difference. 
Jesus defeated death by rising from death. He lives!

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