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Current Series - Summer School: Lessons from Jesus

This summer, we are taking a 7 week summer school "class" with Jesus, following the Gospel lessons for our sermon series.  We will join Jesus and his disciples in the classroom as he tells parables. We will observe him teaching in the real world as he performs miracles and teaches us life lessons and eternal life lessons. Our primary objective for this “Summer School” worship series is this: That as we gather around Jesus and his Word, our faith grows.

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16 9 Rejoice

Upcoming Series - Rejoice!

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” - Philippians 4:4

Really? Always rejoice? Always have joy? Don’t you know what I’m going through?

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine being able to rejoice when the stresses, pains, and anxieties of life start to pile up. Yet Paul writes this beautiful, joy filled letter to the Philippians, and he writes it from a jail cell! He writes it to a church that is suffering, poor, and persecuted. God gives this letter to us, too. Rejoice! 

For 8 weeks in the months of September and October, we will make our way through this letter. We will see that regardless of our current situation, Christ has blessed us. He gives us partners for encouragement as we work together. No matter what is going on - life, death, and everything in between - Christ gives us a positive perspective. When we take a close look at how Jesus was willing to go the cross for us, it gives us a new “others-focused” attitude. We’re encouraged by the example of other Christians, and we’ll join them as we shine like stars in a dark world, holding out the Word of life. We can have joy because our value isn’t based on our achievement, it’s based on Christ’s righteousness. We can press on and finish strong because Christ has won the race and carried us to victory. Feeling anxiety or emptiness? God’s word will give peace and contentment. When we realize we have everything we need, we want to share. 

God will give us the strength to rejoice in every situation!

In-Person Worship Update

While we are joyful to be able to gather together in person for worship again, the pandemic is not over. Out of love and concern for one another, extra measures of precaution will continue to be taken to prevent exposure to and spread of COVID-19. These include wearing masks, social distancing, and less participation in the singing and speaking. Worship will look and sound different. But it will still be worship.

The Thursday evening and Sunday late Service will allow the congregation to participate in singing of select hymns and musical responses. The early service on Sunday will continue to have the music provided by a cantor or small ensemble. We pray this allows as many members as possible to attend a worship service which is in accordance with their preferences, and in which they would be most comfortable.