It happened on this day || Wednesday of Holy Week

Nothing happened on this day.

Nothing? Really?

What’s missing? What’s missing is a Bible reading for Holy Wednesday. 

              The Bible records lots of things that happen on Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, and Tuesday. And what do we know about Wednesday? 

              Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

              “BUT, BUT, BUT!” we sputter, “this is the most important week ever! Surely there were interesting things that were said and done on that day!” I’d guess that’s the case.  

              But God knew that you and I didn’t need to know any of it. And so, He didn’t tell us. 

              That reminds us of an important truth: God’s Word gives us all that we NEED to know in order to get to heaven, but it doesn’t tell us all that we’d LIKE to know. There are lots of things that God chose not to tell us, like when the angels were created, how old the earth is, exactly what heaven will be like, etc. And, he chose not to tell us what happened on Wednesday of holy week. 

              How does that impact us? Hopefully, it leads us to treasure even more the things which God has told us! If God put it into the Word, that means that He thought it was really important for you and me to know! If it’s in the Bible, it’s a treasure from God, a treasure meant for you! 

              One of my favorite professors used this illustration: “When you read the Bible, imagine that at the top of the page, it says, “Dear ____ (fill in your name.) Then comes the message of the page, and at the bottom, it’s signed, ‘Love, God.’ And it’s signed in red—the blood of Jesus. For on each page, God is speaking directly to you, telling you about how much He loves you, pointing you somehow, some way to Jesus and the salvation which He won for you.”

              Treasure what he’s told you, my brothers and sisters, treasure it! 

Thankful for what God has told us, just like you,