Have you ever been rejected?

Mark 6:4

Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives, and in his own home.”

Have you ever been rejected for being a Christian? If you haven’t been, you will be. And this rejection may even come from people you know, like friends and family. Jesus himself was rejected by people who knew him in his hometown of Nazareth. The Nazarenes couldn’t accept that he was the promised Messiah since he didn’t fit the bill for what they thought the Messiah should be.

Sometimes, we reject Jesus too. Sometimes privately and sometimes publicly. We reject him whenever we choose sin over Godly living or whenever we fail to admit that we’re Christians for fear of worldly rejection. But let us remember that Jesus willingly submitted himself to rejection from God the Father on our behalf. At the cross, God turned his back on his one and only Son, so that he would not have to turn his back to us. And because of that, God now turns to us with his love and favor, because our sins have been forgiven through Jesus’ sacrifice. This truth motivates us to stay connected to Jesus however unpleasant worldly rejection may be. Rejection from the world isn’t fun, but it is a blessing. It reminds us that we believers in Jesus are not of this world and that heaven is our home.

-Vicar V.