Grow Closer to Christ

Bible Information Classes (BIC)

BIC is our “Bible Christianity 101” class. It is held on an “as needed” basis. If you are new to the Bible and want to learn more about its core teachings, or if you are interested in joining Atonement, this is the course for you. Contact the church office for more information.

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Bible Study- Every Sunday following our worship service, a Bible study is held at 10:15 AM in the church sanctuary. The focus of this class varies throughout the year. Sometimes we tackle a topic. Sometimes we take one book or section of the Bible and study it in greater detail. All are welcome and encouraged to join in this study.

These Bible studies are also streamed live on and later archived on our YouTube channel for online sutdy.

"Marriage Moments" Video Devotions

Married? Hoping to be married someday soon?

Spend 5 minutes of your week with some encouragement from Pastor Kock.

These devotions are updated every Monday.

Daily Devotions

Spend 5 minutes of your day in God’s Word. These devotions are updated daily.

Personal Bible Reading

Follow this comfortable plan for reading your Bible every day and you will make your way through it, cover to cover, in one year.

Christian Education: Atonement Lutheran School

Atonement operates an early childhood care center for 3-year-olds and a primary school for grades 4k-8. Both our Early Childhood Center (E.C.C.) and Atonement Lutheran School are committed to providing children with God’s word to nourish their souls, and a high quality education to prepare them for earthly life. For more information, visit our school website.

Christian Education: Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WISCO)

Atonement is an association member of Wisconsin Lutheran High School, a high school supported by area congregations of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. WISCO seeks to provide its students with a high-quality, Bible-based, and Christ-centered education. Visit their site for more information.


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“But grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” –II Peter 3:18