God Doesn’t Show Favoritism

Acts 10:34 “Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism…”

Should we be thankful to hear that God doesn’t show favoritism?
Or should that truth scare us?
How about “both“?

“No Favoritism” playlist on YouTube

We human beings tend to like to confess our failures with a caveat, with a resounding “but.” “Yes, I lied, but that person lies all the time.” “No, I didn’t open my Bible, but I was busy.” “It’s true that I didn’t show love to my spouse very well, but my spouse hasn’t been very kind to me recently.”

Sound familiar?

God reminds us that he doesn’t show favoritism. His standard is the same for every single one of us – that we be perfect. And if we fail? Well, the “buts” don’t cut it in his eyes. Ouch! God’s no-favoritism approach means that I deserve hell! As does everyone else.

Interestingly, it’s for exactly that reason that Jesus had to come. There had to be one act of salvation which could cover everyone, with no favoritism, for everyone needed it equally. And Jesus did exactly what you needed him to do. He paid for your sins, in full, completely. That full payment for sin is yours, meant just as much for you as for everyone and anyone else in the world, because God shows no favoritism.

And because of that? Each of us can rightly say, “I’m God’s favorite!”

Thankful to be God’s favorite, just like you,