Don’t Forget!

Really predicted, actually realized, with ongoing results!

   Job proclaimed “I know that my redeemer lives!” Jesus had not yet been born, nor had his Redeemer died and been raised to life. Yet and still, Job knew it to be true and knew that he would see Jesus with his own eyes.

   On that first blessed Easter morning faithful and believing women arrived at Jesus’ tomb to find it empty. An angel said to them that Jesus has risen, go and tell the disciples that Jesus lives! Many others witnessed our Risen Savior as well.

   Jesus’ victory over sin, death, and the grave really happened. So, now what does mean? Everything! Jesus paid the full price for our sins. Jesus defeated the devil and conquered death. He lives and gives us free salvation, eternal life, His love, and His grace to us sinners. Amen.

Assistant Pastor Glisper

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