Do you feel blessed right now?

Acts 1:9

“After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.”

Do you ever feel like you’re alone? That no one is on your side? Regardless of how we feel, Jesus is with us and blessing us. Before he ascended into heaven, Jesus promised to be with us wherever we go. When he ascended, he let a cloud come and cover him, he hadn’t left, they just couldn’t see him anymore. But just because we can’t see him, it doesn’t mean he’s not there. He is the almighty God, and he fills the universe. Our eyes can’t see him, but he’s still there.

His blessing hands are still up blessing all his people right now, working out everything for our eternal good. So, when you go in for that job interview, Jesus is with you, blessing you. When you go in for that doctor’s exam, Jesus is with you, blessing you. We are not alone; Jesus is always at our side, and he has all the power as our almighty God and Savior. He will come back the same way he went up, in the clouds, and he will take us, his people, to live with him in paradise forever.