Atonement's 2023 Recap

The Means of Grace

In 2023, we had...

  • 3 Baptisms
  • An average of 97 communicants per week
  • 87 sermons and sermonettes

The Church

In 2023, we had...

  • 10 transfers into our congregation
  • 5 adult confirmations
  • 6 youth confirmations
  • An average weekly in-person attendance of 126 souls
  • An average weekly online attendance of 19 souls
  • 1 wedding
  • 1 funeral
  • 1 Quinceanera

Our Staff

In 2023, our pastor, vicar, and staff minister made...

  • 6 hospital/hospice visits
  • 29 shut-in visits
  • 16 home visits
  • Contact with 60 prospective members
  • Personal visits with 13 prospective members

Our Activity

In 2023, we...

  • Met with dozens of school families during our school's Black History Month program
  • Held dozens of Bible Instruction Courses
  • Handed and mailed out thousands of postcards, inviting our neighborhood to Easter and Christmas worship services
  • Handed out free Panera and coffee to the neighborhood for 15 Fridays in a row over the Summer
  • Visited with Atonement alumni at Wisconsin Lutheran High School and Luther Prep.
  • Participated in WELS Night at the Brewers with dozens of our members attending a tailgate and Brewers game together

Our Online Presence

In 2023, we...

  • Live streamed or recorded and later published to YouTube every unique service of the year
  • Uploaded all 87 unique sermons and sermonettes given throughout the year to YouTube
  • Uploaded a one-minute weekly encouragement video to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube every week of the year
  • Uploaded 55 short clips from sermons and devotions given by Pastor, Vicar, teachers, and EFT students
  • Uploaded 8 recordings of our choir, Living Voice
  • Promoted videos advertising our Easter and Christmas services on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram